About Us

Welcome to 'Light Speed Gloucester UK'. First, a little about me.

My name is Martin. I am almost 60 years of age. Disabled. I suffer from a number of health conditions. Am in pain 24 hours a day. And, as result, have not been at my best for a long period of time.

Above said. We live in an age where the term 'Wellbeing' is the by word for modern organisations who are said to support people

who suffer the effects of physical illness, mental health conditions, or both.

'Wellbeing' encourages us to play a more active life in our community.  Under its banner it encourages us to take more control over our lives, and, 'With Support' reach our potential'. This then, despite my disabilities, is my way giving such potential a nudge in the right direction.


So what is Light Speed Gloucester UK?  Short answer. It is a site where we can show off your images and mine taken in and around Gloucester and Gloucestershire. In addition. The (All Volunteer) team of people (myself included) I intend to bring on board to assist in the running and  production of this web site will all have had or still have health conditions which left them excluded from activities they used to do when well. We will support each other and hopefully any activity we choose to carry out will have a theraputic value with which can enrich our own lives and allow us to put something back, if only a little, into the areas of Gloucestershire we live.

This site began to take shape in July 2015, with images I had taken at variety of locations In Gloucester & Gloucestershire. You will recognise any I take as I sign them off as 'M'art'. However, I am inviting all to send copies of your own photographic files for inclusion on our pages. Full credit will be given to all who assist.  In a very short period of time. My efforts in photography have been joined by

Steve W's 'Classic And Film Star Cars' & a wonderful selection of images courtesy of the 'Barn Owl Centre, Gloucester. I hope to see more contributions to our pages in the near future. Big thanks again to those mentioned for getting this site off to a good start.

You do not have to suffer any form of illness to support this site with photographic contributions. All are welcome. This site will introduce spin off projects to assist other individuals and groups. Details will be published as and when finalised. So please visit frequently to check for updates. This process has already begun.

Remember, your image must relate to Gloucester or Gloucestershire at this time. It can be a single image. Multiple images. Or images taken at events of an organisation you are linked with or simply attend as a member of the public. Once your contribution/s are with me I will see to they are added.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.



Light Speed Gloucester UK

About Us

Photos By M,art 2015

For your information. Neither of the above characters is me. But they are fine examples of feathered freinds that can be seen at the Kingswalk Shopping Centre Gloucester from time to time.

Top we have a Little Owl. Who goes by the name of 'Willow'. Below. A Barn Owl, called 'Luna'. They are both residents of the Barn Owl Centre, Gloucester.


As a thank you to their volunteer farriers who allowed me to take these images of them I have placed the address of their web site below for anyone who would like to know more about the work of said mentioned centre. Use your back button to return to this page.