Jigsaw Gloucester UK - Our Canal & River Trust / National Waterways Museum Gloucester Journey.

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Images By Lightspeed Photographer, M'art

We hope you have enjoyed

this small section of our art.

We now move to introduce you

to Nick Turk, Centre below.

Nick is a member of of another

Jigsaw Group but he has

allowed his work to be displayed

by us at the museum. Nick likes to do Cross-Stitch.

All projects Jigsaw Members participate in at the

National Waterways Museum Gloucester Docks

have the collective name.


A project can be Museum inspired. Jigsaw Member  Inspired.


A collaberation of both. A collaberation with organisations who join us.

The Content Of This Album Is Set To Show You What We Have

Been Doing To Date. Jigsaw Art Work First.

More Subjects As You Scroll Down Page To Follow.

Left : Bettty (Museum Staff Member, who has now left the museum's employ and now in Japan. "Hi Betty in Japan hope all is going well for you out there!!!" and Right :  A Museum Supporter

admire Nick's work.

The Lady on the right also makes Elve's.

See image below.....and some of us have met TV Stars Rosie & Jim.

The Museum has a vessel called

'The Queen Boadicea II'

This is a surviving little ship that took part in the rescue of troops

'Dunkirk 1940'

Now used as pleasure craft. While in season 45min trips can be had aboard twice a day when the museum is open. Please note. Boat trips this year 2019 are available from start of April.

Jigsaw Members have been on above trip and plan to take more.

To see a previous album of images we made on the boat.

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Jigsaw has brought in and shown

genuine objects from WW2 at our table,

similar to that used by Bristish Forces at 'Dunkirk'. See images Left & Right.

We have also began gathering more research material for an art project related to same.

Said research material we will have available to

view at our table in the museum soon.

See original issues of 'War Illustrated' below.

We hope you have found all of interest so far.

We began with art, so we will end with art this time round.

With this in mind we will introduce you to

Dave & Brian.

Dave is a long term member of Jigsaw who attends the Museum each week. Brian is a patron of the Museum who we have met while in situe.

Both like art. But have very different styles.

Dave's work can be seen Left & Right, while

Brian's can be seen below.

Since Brian provided his work above

we have had the sad news from Museum Staff on Saturday 23rd February 2019 that he has passed away. Brian was a pleasure to know and we will retain his

photograph  and work

as a permanent tribute to him on this page.

Brian was 85 years old.

We will have more images to add to our Journey here soon.

Our aim is to support people with

Physical health issues / Mental Health issues / Learning Difficulties

To do more in our Gloucester Community.

We would like more people effected by above to join in our activities at the museum.

If you would like to join us at the National Waterways Museum Gloucester Docks.

'Water Born' Times as Follows.

Every Wednesday (when museum open) 12 noon til 2.30pm

Contact Jigsaw - Martin for further details.

Tel 01452 412471

For General Information About the Museum

Tel 01452 318200