Jigsaw Gloucester UK - 'Queen Boadicea II' Trip - Gloucester Docks 2018.

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Trip Images By Lightspeed Photographer, M'art. Large group image with wooden boxes By T.

The 'Queen Boadicea II' has a proud history. Now carrying locals and tourists alike on trips along the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal, while in the past this boat served her country well. In 1940, this same small boat rescued our troops from the beaches of 'Dunkirk' during World War II. Above, pictured earlier this year at Gloucester Docks. But today September 15th 2018, Jigsaw members and 1 dog had the chance to experience this little ship with a big brave heart for ourselves. All other images in this album are placed in order that we may share with you, our 'Queen Boadicea II' adventure. Please note that Jigsaw Gloucester UK has also taken images of non members of Jigsaw who shared our experience in keeping with our policy to be seen to fully intergrate with our Gloucester Community.